Project Description

Great Work

Project Brief

This build was a tall order–a niche Talent Agency website with a comprehensive backend User Interface. This interface was to include access to a Talent database with multiple layers of user functionality. Private Messaging, Live Chat, Job Board, Multiple Talent Categories and more just begin to describe the overall functions built into this site. Basically, there is the frontend public website with all the standard menus, and then the backend user interface with a totally separate menu–both lending to an extremely versatile platform.

The Challenge

Several challenges were faced and worked through. The first was to custom-build a database to include multiple talent types. The second was to tie in a Social Networking platform complete with peer groups and private messaging. The third was to build in a user role and subscriber level membership system, allowing for varying degrees of member functions. Finally, I had to integrate an auto-creating paid banner advertisement system. This was all aside from adding geo-search, APIs,  job board and blog.

The Solution

The PHP editor went into maximum overdrive in building this site. Although the core of operations are standard WordPress, it took a host of paid plugins, and untold hours of PHP code hacks to achieve the final desired result. Full functionality is not evident at first glance from the frontend, but once logged in as a registered user, the powerful engine under the hood is revealed.

Website Screenshots


Some Elements To Increase Engagement

Graphic Design

Every Website Designer should have a strong command of Photoshop, or a similar photo-editing App.

PHP Markup

Taking existing Plugins and marking up the PHP code can make an ordinary website extraordinary.

Social Platform

Incorporating multi-feature Social Networking Platform functionality into your website will help it take off!

Target Ads

Adding Paid Banner Ads to your website can add an additional stream of passive income to your offerings.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction