Project Description

Project: Attract Talent To Managers & Vice Versa

In this build, I was tasked to create a website that would make world class talent take notice of top talent managers, and to provide a platform for managers to work with top talents. The site initially entailed a PHP build in Joomla, but later migrated to WordPress. Several specific Components and Modules were required to achieve the objective. However, an out-of-the-box solution would not suffice. PHP open source language is easily manipulated, and desired results can be obtained quickly without having to experiment with “freemium” or even paid add-ons. The end result is a clean and fresh website that can be easily maintained and managed.

Chinese Show

Home Page Content

The Home Page is the most important page of all of course. I emphasize creating maximum impact upon landing on Home Page. You have less than 10 seconds to get and keep their attention! Eye-catching visuals and quality text content that gets right to the point are what is needed. Designers should also be business savvy.

Custom PHP Modules

An FAQ Page seems at first like a simple coding task. But what if you want dropdown items with expanding text that auto-collapse when opening the next category? Simple! Just tell PHP what to do, and it will be done! There are plenty of fancy paid downloads, but sometimes you just have to build it yourself to get the exact desired result.

Build The Brand

I learn my client’s brand before I even start building. It is not enough to be able to build a pretty website; or to crunch the code. You must help your clients get their brand across. They can have the best structural website, but if they miss their market, it will display to an empty room. I will learn from you to achieve optimal results.

Minimalist Or More

Websites with bloatware, unnecessary plugins, over-used space, messy lines… Good, clean design is imperative. Yet, so many websites miss the mark here! Some websites call for photos and visuals. Others call for the written word–with accurate and informative text. In any case, proper layout and justification is paramount.

Design Should Be Easy On The Eyes


And It Should Be…

Simply Beautiful

Independent Designer

I work for myself. I don’t get paid a fraction of the total price you would pay to a big development firm… that extols the benefits of hiring a big company like themselves… that takes a big chunk of the total price you pay… and then outsources the job for pennies on the dollar to a less than passionate VA… or worse yet, to a roomful of designers in India. Remember… You get what you pay for!


Excellent Results

I deliver in Spades! I meet my deadlines. If I ever have a problem in doing so, I maintain excellent communication. You will never be left in the dark . I pay attention to every little detail. I am a perfectionist. You will pay me in phases. If at any point you are not 100% satisfied, you can take my work to another designer–but this has never happened before. ūüėȬ† You won’t be disappointed!